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What is IBR?

Energetic e for Holistic Wellness and Success

Beliefs and Trauma are Detectable Energy in Your Body

Your emotions, beliefs, and traumas are physical energy stored in your organs, tissue, nerves, and cells. They are determining your life by driving your behavior and attracting outcomes that match their frequency.

The good news is that your body is keeping the score and is aware of all the energy it is storing. By using applied kinesiology, a.k.a. muscle testing, IBR can pinpoint the most toxic and damaging energy in your body, reveal its origins, and release it with an astonishing degree of precision and efficiency in a matter of minutes.

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

-Nicola Tesla

Rapidly Reprogram Your Behavior at the Subconscious Level

"IBR goes straight to the subconscious - saving months and years of discovery time - and reprograms the subconscious in minutes."

Assuming you have an average IQ, you have 60,000-70,000 thousand thoughts per day. You are also making 35,000 decisions per day. 95% of this behavior is subconscious, meaning you are completely unaware of it. Therefore, in order to truly change, your subconscious has to change.

Unfortunately, mainstream psychology and self-help overwhelmingly focus on the conscious mind. Personal transformation with these methods are slower, less efficient, and less effective than those that target the subconscious, since the subconscious is where 95% of your thoughts and behavior are coming from.

In contrast, IBR goes straight to the subconscious - saving months and years of discovery time - and reprograms the subconscious in minutes.

Applied Kinesiology - The Ultimate Tool for Subconscious Listening

While your conscious mind can only process 40-50 bits of information per second, the brain alone can process 11 million bits of information in the same amount of time. Meanwhile, your nervous system transmits 100 trillion impulses per second, constantly communicating the state and the types of energy that your body carries via bio-electricity.

In other words, your body is a supercomputer that knows everything about its history and current state. Drawing that information out of it is a matter of asking it simple yes-or-no questions about what it needs and testing its response.

Applied kinesiology, a.k.a. muscle testing, was discovered by Dr. George J Goodhart in 1964 to do exactly that. It is the practice of using your body as a lie detector test to determine what it contains, what it is going through, and what it needs.

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"The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all his innermost parts."

Proverbs 20:27

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What Issues Can Muscle Testing Detect?

Because everything is energy, and because the human body communicates via energy, muscle testing can be used to detect the presence of anything in the body at any given time. The findings are only limited by the questions that are asked. Commonly discovered blocks to success include trapped emotions, belief patterns, trauma, toxins, nutritional needs, structural issues, diseases, intolerances, and even spiritual issues.

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remote muscle testing

How Does IBRT Work Remotely?

Your Electromagnetic Field

Your body has an electromagnetic field that is always broadcasting a frequency. That frequency contains the sum total of your body's energy in a single bio-electric message: its health, needs, pain points, and subconscious thought patterns. All of this is detectable by another person's electromagnetic field, affecting how they perceive and react to you. This principle is what allows an IBR practitioner to muscle test a person remotely, using their own body as a proxy for yours.

Earth's Electromagnetic Field

Meanwhile, each of us is connected to the Earth's magnetic field. In the same way that a telephone pole in Texas could be electrically connected to another pole in North Dakota, so our bodies are constantly connected through the earth's magnetic field. This principle allows an IBR to muscle test you from thousands of miles away.

98% of IBR Sessions Are Performed Remotely.

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